Hourly Consulting

Easily stay within your budget with our hourly consulting services.

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Case analysis

After discussing your concerns, we independently review core pieces of your case, such as “hot documents,” depositions of key witnesses, and anything else that allows us to provide you with objective insights, as well as a strategy that best fits your facts. Most lawyers find it extremely time-saving by quickly putting them on the right track.

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Theme development

Lawsuits aren’t won or lost because of a magical phrase. Instead, a phrase becomes magical when it perfectly encapsulates what jurors are already thinking. Our objective feedback enables you to select the right thematic approach; one that both fits your case and is powerful enough to transcend the differences between jurors.

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Demonstrative evidence

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you don’t want to spend thousands until you refine what it is that you really need. We work with you to develop uncluttered demonstratives, like a simple timeline, to help jurors understand your case. We also work with you to identify the most helpful details buried in documents you’ve seen too many times. You may find that all you really need is the judicious use of a highlighter, rather than the production of costly graphics that may or may not be admissible at trial.

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Witness preparation for depositions

Lawyers videotape depositions because they know the camera perfectly captures those moments when a witness is sucking nervously on a mint, or drinking water to avoid answering, or shooting a look to his lawyer for answers. While these things often escape notice during a long deposition in a small conference room, they are hard to hide months later, when the video is playing in the courtroom. We work with witnesses to help them recognize the often superficial impediments to clear and cooperative communication. Once  witnesses understand what triggers negative mannerisms, they can avoid making mistakes when it counts.

witness preparation for trial graphic

Witness preparation for trial

It is rare for a lawyer to question his or her client and be completely satisfied with the result. The good news is that witness preparation doesn’t require major personality renovations. Rather than focus exclusively on the witness, we examine how well or poorly the lawyer and witness respond to each other’s communication styles and cues. This prevents frustration and defensiveness, and is the most effective way to convert disjointed testimony into a convincing story.

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Editing videotaped depositions

Videotaped depositions are full of pure gold but lawyers almost never go back to the mine and dig for it. We love nothing more than putting together devastating clips for you to use in your Day in the Life videos, settlement negotiations, or trial. Don’t sit on your “gold” and forget about it. Let us help you use it to your greatest advantage.

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Voir Dire Questions

Because cases so often settle, lawyers rarely find themselves preparing for jury selection. And for some reason that is still a bit of a mystery, lawyers are still more comfortable having jurors agree to indoctrinating statements than getting them to freely admit biases.  We can help you do better with simple questions that make it easy for jurors to express their true opinions. This also increases your ability to successfully strike jurors for cause, and intelligently exercise your peremptory challenges.