Adam Augustine Carter, Partner, The Employment Law Group

Carolyn Koch

“I have been a happy customer of Jury Solutions and Carolyn Koch since 2001. Carolyn is a gifted interviewer of our clients (and as a lawyer herself you can be comfortable that those communications with her are privileged), and I have long since believed that she has the best BS detector of anyone I have ever met! She is so much more than a skilled jury consultant — Carolyn is a valued partner in helping think and strategize about a case from its inception. We handle plaintiff-side employment and whistleblower cases with which Carolyn has a ton of experience, but I am sure she is just as helpful in any high-stakes litigation where a jury trial is a possibility. Carolyn runs a very good jury focus group too if that skillset is ever needed. I recommend Jury Solutions and Carolyn Koch unreservedly and whole-heartedly.”