Eric Lukingbeal, Partner, Robinson & Cole, LLP

Carolyn Koch

“Carolyn Koch and Jury Solutions have given us and our clients timely and sage advice based on mock trials. There are at least two advantages to Carolyn. Her approach is highly personal. She doesn’t delegate important tasks. She learns the facts and the law of the case. Then she works with counsel to draft descriptions for presentations to the jury panels. She takes charge and makes sure of the details. She does not allow the lawyers to “wing it.” (We used as many as five panels over a weekend in a single case). Carolyn impresses the most sophisticated and demanding clients (and their in-house counsel and executives) with her energy and organization. Clients who have not used mock trials are often skeptical, and have to be persuaded. They are converted when the results are in. I do not hesitate to recommend Jury Solutions when the case justifies using a mock trial.”