Nicholas Woodfield, Partner, The Employment Law Group

Carolyn Koch

“Anyone who tries cases knows that juries are impossible to predict. You can trust in stereotypes and rules of thumb, but every experienced lawyer can tell you that the juror who they thought would help them tanked them instead. They can also tell you about the juror they wanted to get rid of who turned out to be their client’s champion. While Carolyn cannot divine how any potential juror is guaranteed to respond to any piece of evidence or argument, she has helped us run focus groups that have helped us refocus cases so that they appeal to the broadest swath of jurors. More importantly, perhaps, Carolyn helps us identify hot button issues and third rails that can turn juries around and cause them to love or loathe a party. We invest so very much in our cases in terms of our time, money, and emotion, and so it makes sense to prepare for trial with an expert like Carolyn helping us.”