The New Tools of Jury Selection: Simple Questions, Social Media Research, and Online Focus Groups

Program can be done virtually or in-house, half day or full day. Full day is recommended for workshopping one or more cases.

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Course Description

The New Tools of Jury Selection: Simple Questions, Social Media Research, and Online Focus Groups will help your litigation lawyers radically transform their trial practice. Attendees will learn how to use three critical tools that will produce myriad advantages in helping them prepare their cases for jury selection, trial, and mediations:
ONE: Master Voir DIre
  • See voir dire demonstrations that illustrate simple techniques that will open people up and allow you to really assess jurors' pros and cons.
  • Successfully develop more for cause challenges.
  • Make the wisest use of your peremptory challenges.
TWO: Social Media Research
  • Learn about "open source" investigative techniques that will provide you with even greater protection from a juror's hidden biases.
  • See social media research demonstrations that can sometimes tell you more about a juror than what you can learn in open court.
THREE: Online Focus Groups
  • Learn how focus groups can radically change your case, and chances for a positive outcome.
  • Learn the "necessary ingredients" for any focus group so you can obtain compelling data that can move the needle during a mediation, or take you all the way to a verdict.

Presented by:


Carolyn S. Koch, J.D.

Carolyn S. Koch, J.D. is a trial consultant and the principal of Jury Solutions LLC, in Fairfax, Virginia. An attorney admitted to the Connecticut and D.C. Bars, Ms. Koch has over twenty five years of experience with jury research techniques such as mock trials, focus groups and attitude surveys. She uses these tools to assist trial attorneys in both civil and criminal cases, all over the country. Her work has helped plaintiff’s employment lawyers achieve some of the highest verdicts in New Jersey state history, such as a case resulting in a 10 million dollar punitive damage award against Avaya Corporation. She also assisted the criminal defense in the high profile criminal defense of United States of America vs. Richard Convertino, a former ASUA for the Department of Justice who was acquitted of all charges in one day after a four-week trial.

Ms. Koch is also an accomplished speaker and has participated in many accredited CLEs at local, state and national levels. She has appeared on national news as a commentator on CNN and Fox news. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut, and with honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

She has recently written a voir dire practice manual, published by James Publishing, that gives lawyers the tools they need to expose harmful biases while maintaining rapport, in any type of case or jurisdiction.


Jeri R. Cobb

Jeri is a licensed private investigator with a niche expertise in social media research. Jeri is an Iraq combat veteran and served four years as an Army JAG Corps paralegal. After her military service, she realized her talent as a private investigator: She was often called upon to solve the “tough cases” because she used her social media savvy to find people when traditional methods had failed.

Her work with Jury Solutions LLC has repeatedly proven how valuable her services are to trial lawyers during jury selection, and in advance of a deposition. She has uncovered many truths about both witnesses and jurors that lawyers would otherwise not know, and not know to their client’s peril.


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