Online Focus Groups

Accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources

Keep your finger on the pulse of your case

With its quick turn-around time, an online focus group can be used effectively at any point during litigation, helping you either quickly resolve a  case, or map out the best possible strategy for discovery, trial and jury selection.  Best of all, while you are busy handling other matters, mock jurors use their own time, scrutinizing your case and providing you with detailed feedback that often surpasses the kind of insights gleaned from an in-person project.

Persuade With Data

Instead of attending your next mediation empty-handed, you can show all kinds of data points that prove the strength of your case and the weakness of your opponent's, such as:

When it comes to evaluating Mr. Smith's claim, do you find that Dr. Jones' treatment:


Transcript + Audio = Persuasion

“…. I know, on balance, that hospital wards can be very busy places, they have a lot of people to attend to…….., I’m trying to factor that in. But there were no nurses’ notes between 8:41 p.m. and 4 a.m. And she asked for more pain medication. Now to me, I mean just as a lay-person, here’s a woman who’s come in, … we’ve said it’s constipation but she’s in horrific pain, and it just seemed to me that that was an awfully protracted amount of time for no one to know her heart rate is going up, her blood pressure is going up, I mean, I haven’t spent a day in medical school but some of this is common sense isn’t it?”

Click below to listen:

When jurors complete their work, you will know exactly what matters to them most, and why.  The results also allow us to connect jurors’ opinions to their demographics and pre-existing attitudes and experiences. This is essential for voir dire preparation, and can also make for a powerful mediation argument, when, for example, you can show your opponent that a pro-lawsuit, liberal single mother sees your case just as strongly as an anti-lawsuit, conservative business owner.

A final and unique feature of the online focus group process is that jurors are individually debriefed in a recorded, transcribed interview. You can use these transcripts and punctuate them with compelling audio clips to make mediation presentations come alive.

How it works

Your work product is only as reliable as your mock jurors are. We make sure jurors are representative of what you would find in an actual courtroom, drawn from the correct jurisdiction and screened for disqualifying biases and experiences.   

We also work with you to develop a case summary that accurately reflects both sides of the case. This can include exhibits and videotaped excerpts of witness testimony.  

Participate as a Mock Juror

Enter our mock juror data base for future projects, both on-line, or in-person. Note, however, that all of our work is jurisdictional, meaning you have to live in the jurisdiction where the case is. Therefore, you might not hear from us for a good long time, or ever, depending on where you live!

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